Oh, sweet Jupiter, make it stop!

I get as big a kick from schadenfreude as the next guy, but this is becoming too much.

You say you read all newspapers and magazines? Are you fucking kidding me? Listen, I know she doesn’t believe that. I realize she said that because she couldn’t think of names of suitable newspapers and/or magazines (say, was I in her shoes, I wouldn’t answer “Soap Digest” if I regularly read it, which I most certainly do not). What puzzles me is how she could not name a single goddamn newspaper, any fucking newspaper.

Does she a) actually never read something that is not presented to her by an aide, or b) got so paralyzed by stagefright (or whatever you choose to call it) that she can’t answer a question on the same level of difficulty as “What kinds of food do you regularly eat?” Both scenarios are similarly terrifying.

She was just a couple weeks ago on the cover of many a magazine, yet she cannot name a single one? Sure, you don’t want to sound like you only know of one. Still, it’d be perfectly acceptable to say something like “I can’t remember right now every one I read, but I do read <insert name of one newspaper> and <insert name of one magazine or newspaper> to name a couple.”

Jesus T. Christ. This is the most qualified person the Republican Party (read: McCain) could find for the office of the Vice President? Regoddamn fucking mavericky indeed!

It’s a split!

You keep saying that word…

Fair and Balanced News at work!

Oh, tasty self-delusion, you taste like fairness and balance.

Via Great Orange Satan

EDIT: Sweet Raptor-riding Jesus*, somebody please show this retard how to use wikipedia or any other search tool. I cannot believe he really thinks “gotcha journalism” is asking pointless questions entirely unrelated to anything that’s being discussed, that the interviewee has absolutely no chance of knowing the answer to (Via Wonkette).

*Yes, this has been shamelessly stolen from First Draft’s Athena (and I know she’s not likely to be the one who first used it, but it’s the one I read it from, shut up hippies!).

More Antichrist news!

Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and taste.

While it is indeed pretty embarassing that this shit is being floated in my state of New York, I’ll give “us” props for being a place where making it public that a GOP official sent those idiotic chain emails about Obama being the Anti-Christ will immediately lead to outrage from other GOP politicians, an apology (of sorts), and a swift resignation from the offending member.

How’s things, Fort Mill, SC?

Curse you, Marvel Comics!

For making me want to buy soon-to-be-released Spider-Man comics featuring the one and only Stephen T. Colbert. Luckily for my finances, I don’t even know where to buy comics around here.

Apparently, there’s been “Colbert for President” signs appearing in Marvel comics lately.

Those brilliant, greedy bastards.

EDIT: There appears to be a whole lotta posts on the Indecision 2008 blog about news stories from the Marvel Universe where Colbert is still running for President (alongside Obama and McCain, it appears). Skrulls seem to be the biggest campaign issue there, from what I see.

Two cc’s of smelling salts, stat!

Had I been one of the men and women who had to witness such a vulgar, vicious, offensive speech, I too would have ignored the fact that I thought the bill that was about to be put up for vote was absolutely necessary to save the country’s economy, and would have voted no because, frankly, what else can you do after hearing the crass vituperations of this madwoman?

I probably would have retreated to the nearest bar and got severely inebriated as soon as I could, hoping that the brutal memories would be washed away in ethilic stupor. No doubt I would have called my mother or wife, on the verge of tears, asking for their reassurance that all will be well.

What matters is that the poor congress(wo)men get better ASAP. One can only imagine the mental distress and anguish they’re in, after hearing that evil woman’s speech.

I mean sure, putting country first is all well and nice but… did you hear what she said?

And then that insensitive ass Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) goes and makes fun of them. Can’t you see they are still shaken? Have you no honor? Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?

Ohio Church gassed, ignored by the national media.

Mosques count as churches, right? I mean, they’re “Islamic Churches.”

Apparently some d-bag(s) threw some still unidentified irritant chemicals into a Mosque full of people (Adults, kids, men, women, etc) peacefully praying in Dayton, Ohio.

The 300 or so inside were celebrating the last 10 days of Ramadan with dinner and a prayer session, but the prayer session was interrupted so those suffering from tearing, coughing and shortness of breath could receive treatment.

Wiley said an adult and juvenile were taken to area hospitals and others had their eyes or faces washed on the scene. He did not know how many people were treated at the scene.

I wonder how this would be playing out were the affected church belong to some Christian flavor. I don’t doubt the “T-word” would have been employed by some cable news talking head by now. I bet they’re just taking their time double-checking their sources, in the interest of serious journalism and unbiasedness and all that.

EDIT: It appears the gassing coincided with a mass distribution of “Obsession,” some anti-islam DVD. While it certainly looks fishy, I don’t know. There’s plenty of hateful retards in the country, and they’ve been hating on american (and certainly foreign) muslims for a long time. I can see it as just that, a coincidence. I still hope a thoroguh investigation will take place, and wish that whoever did this is brought to justice. This shit can’t stand.

I’m freakin’ tired of seeing this crap.


Patriotism is not a synonym for Jingoism, nor Xenophobia. Thank you.