Nothing says experience

…like having been in the office that allegedly qualifies you for the job for less time than your running mate has been campaigning for his.

On related news: Man, being in a “competitive” (aka where your vote actually matters) state actually feels like there’s a campaign going. All those attack ads and stuff I’ve been reading about on the webs because I’d never seen them on the teevee in New York? Well they run all the damn time here in Michigan. Sweet FSM, how I hate the anachronistic, useless, antidemocratic electoral college system.

Also, I watched a bit of Face the Nation, were they discussed the Pallin pick. Of course, Bob Schieffer tried to keep things fair and balanced, so he had Rudy “nine-eleven” Giuliani on the conservative side, and wait for it… Joe mothertruckin’ Lieberman to provide commentary from the “Democratic” side. Liberal Media! Woooo! Goddamn clowns. Of course both Lieberman and Giuliani offered nothing but logicaly inconsistent talking points.


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