McCain’s Health Care Policy.

A heavy dose of semantics therapy, and 2 cc’s of areyoufuckingshittingmecilin, courtesy of John Goodman*, advisor on health care to John McCain:

So I have a solution. And it will cost not one thin dime,” Mr. Goodman* said. “The next president of the United States should sign an executive order requiring the Census Bureau to cease and desist from describing any American — even illegal aliens — as uninsured. Instead, the bureau should categorize people according to the likely source of payment should they need care.

“So, there you have it. Voila! Problem solved.

The only sensible answer to this is, no doubt:

Shut the fuck up, Johnny, You’re out of your element. You have no frame of reference here. You are like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie and wants to know… Here’s my point, there’s no fucking reason why these two… THE CHINAMAN IS NOT THE ISSUE HERE, DUDE! I’m talking about drawing a line in the sand.

*Yeah, I know not that John Goodman. Shut up, you too are out of your element.

EDIT- McCain’s campaign says Goodman is not an advisor to McCain. The reporters answer “bullshit.” They also point out that the Semantics Pills are in very good agreement with McCain’s stated views on what needs to be done re: Health Care.


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