You keep using that word.

Hard Work*,” I don’t think it means what you think it means.

That’s what Mitt Romney credited for McCain’s ability to own multiple expensive houses.

On a second thought, since McCain’s wealth comes from having married his beer heiress wife, is he saying she is too high maintenance? I will make no further comments** on the various shades of the word “hard.” I am not that crass. Right? What on earth could Romney possibly mean?

I gotta say, it’s pretty awesome seeing all these GOP talking heads respond to the many houses issue. Oh, and McCain just went all verb+noun+PoW on national television! Then some spokesguy said, and I shit you not “It is not a talking point. It’s a fact.” Good to know GOP talking points are finally recognized as utter horseshit, mutually exclusive with the concept of truth!

I cannot imagine a lower level of self awareness than what these people are displaying. No one has volunteered an explanation as to the connection between PoW and relating to the needs of non-rich people. Shocking! I know.

*via TPM.

**In-your-endo, The Todd would call it.


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  1. Scarier yet, people buy this stuff wholesale!

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