Cheerful Tuesday Help

Mondays suck, Tuesdays not nearly as much. I like Tuesdays. Allow me to present you a couple awesome videos featuring the amazing Jaco Pastorius. If you’ve never heard of him, he’s roughly speaking, the guy who’s revolutionized bass playing the most in the past four decades. But fear not! I will not subject you to boring super technical wankery! This man can play, and I promise you’ll enjoy it.

I had heard of Jaco since my Junior High days from one of my best friends, who played bass. But all I knew was that he’d been some insane freak who played Jazz on a fretless electric bass.

It was only fairly recently (3-4 years ago?) that a very good friend and bona fide jazzhead lent me Jaco’s “Birthday Concert” album. We were on my car, he put the cd in the player, and went straight for this song. His words, paraphrasing, were: “Check this out. This shit is groovilicious.” I still have not been able to find a better description for “Soul Intro/The Chicken.” Here’s a youtube of the Birthday Concert version, sadly it has no video, just a picture. For one with actual video, click here. I prefer the Birthday Concert version, I’ve never been a fan of the steel drum, which Jaco loved, and is featured extensively in the Invitation version (the one linked).

A second video, also filled with awesome walking lines is Weather Report’s “Birdland.”

So. Awesome.

If after listening to either (or both!) of these you are not smiling or feeling cheerful. You are a no good soulless frakkin’ toaster.

These two songs are the main reason I want to, when I can afford whims such as this, buy me a fretless bass and learn to take it for a walk.


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