I dare you.

I double-dog dare you. Try to parody these guys. I don’t think I can. Hell, I’d be surprised if even The Onion can pull it off. I’ll be watching the Daily Show to see if they dare try.

But seriously, check it out:

In response to Obama calling attention to the fact that McCain has some nerve pretending to be an “average Joe” when he can’t even tell just how many houses he’s got. His campaign comes out with a rebuttal:

This is a guy who lived in one house for five and a half years — in prison.

I mean, what joke can you make? What criticism can you think of that you can feel certain they won’t dare use the PoW card because it’s just too ludicrous, even for them?

The “Maybe Cindy can win your stripper beauty paegant contest” deal? Check.

The “No way McCain would cheat ever at all at anything” deal? Check.

I’m waiting for somebody to say that calling his wife a “cheap trollop,” and “cunt” is O.K. Because he was also insulted back at the Hanoi Hilton, of course. I have no illusions that this will remain in the realm of satire.

Oh, and Rudy “911” Giuliani is going to give the keynote speach at the GOP convention. I might watch it for the “911” and “PoW” drinking games that need ensue. I am so sorry, liver of mine.

EDIT- I totally forgot three other instances of gratuitous PoW arguments. Thanks to HuffPo for the remainder:

-Responding to Elizabeth Edwards that McCain’s Health Care plan was insufficient saying he had already received inadequate Health Care from “another government.”

-Dismissing Hillary Clinton’s plans to fund a Museum to commemorate the Woodstock Music Festival, saying he didn’t know what there was to celebrate about Woodstock, since he has been “tied up at the time.”

-The Abba incident.


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