Guess the Senator!

David Bellavia discussing the qualifications of a certain Vietnam Vet regarding his judgment about the Iraq War (via TPM):

< ? >, he’s a proud American warrior. He’s a patriot. But show me what battle he fought in Iraq. A man’s war — You don’t question another man’s service. I will never attack a Vietnam veteran, like some of these other individuals have during this political season. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous.

But with all due respect, your 50 years of Middle East experience — Just spend 50 minutes in Iraq and you can bring yourself up to speed. But Sen. < ? > — we can disagree on a lot of issues — but Sen. < ? > has never been shot at in Iraq, he’s never seen what an IED looks like or been detonated on. This is an individual that could embed himself instead of doing a two-day congressional delegation. Go out there, walk with the troops, see what’s going on on the ground.


Now, again, with Sen. < ? > — my problem with Sen. < ? > is, again, his experienced is based on what? The Mekong Delta. It’s based to Vietnam, a totally different fight, a totally different enemy, and by the way, it was 30 years ago. That doesn’t cheapen his service. That doesn’t cheapen his expertise. But when it comes down to Iraq, I will take that specialist who’s 20 years old from Decorah, Iowa, who served three tours in combat, over anything any member of the House or Senate has to say.


Now, before you say “The insinuation from the Obama campaign that John McCain, a former prisoner of war, has never been shot in Iraq is outrageous,” you may want to know that this gentleman is not saying that McCain’s Vietnam experience means jack shit, he is saying that Chuck Hagel’s (critic of the White House’s Iraq War) Vietnam experience means jack shit.

I believe he is unavailable for comment on the corollary that Hagel and McCain’s ‘nam experience offer similar qualifications. I’m sure the fact that he’s the founder of Vets For Freedom, a propaganda tool, has nothing to do with it. These people are of the highest moral caliber, after all.

My spider senses tell me that there will be no reaching for the smelling salts over this comment from the MSM pundits. Do not be cruel and show them quotes with the senator’s name edited out, they may hyperventilate thinking it might be a critique of McCain’s honorable service which qualifies him for every single job on the universe.


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