It’s not -all- bad, you know…

I have found that listening to Cafe Tacuba’s cover of “Ojalá Que Llueva Café” has the effect of making me feel better about Mexico, no matter how good or bad I’m feeling. Here’s a youtube video of them playing it live:

They took a song by Dominican Artist Juan Luis Guerra, and turned it into a Huapango/Son Huasteco (for an EP of all covers they did). This is probably my favorite kind of mexican folk music (Huapangos). I’m sure it has spanish and caribbean influences, but to me it sounds uniquely mexican. And awesome.

I wish I had some cool cultural street-cred story of my first contacts with this awesome music, but I’m afraid my love for huapangos had a far from glamorous beginning. As best as I can remember, I “discovered” them watching old 40s-50s (Golden Era) Mexican Movies, in particular “Los Tres Huastecos,” starring Pedro Infante. This scene, for example, showcases some regional variations of the style, following the theme of the movie (Triplets, all played by Pedro Infante, each living in a different state of the Huasteca Valley: Tamaulipas, Veracruz and San Luis Potosi).

Thought I’d share some Mexican Folk Music I love.


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