McCain and the Liberal Media.

This really nice post from Amy Silverman of the Phoenix New Times*, a long time Arizona Political Reporter who has been covering McCain since the early nineties, is really illuminating. Guess what? McCain’s mavericky persona is all bullshit. I know, stop the godsdamned presses. It is a very good read (not precisely short, but worth it). A sample:

I have my own share of war stories from covering McCain, like the time I stumbled across the news that Cindy was stealing prescription drugs from her own charity. A few months later, John McCain berated a close family member of mine, in one of his classic outbursts.

For months after I wrote about McCain’s love affair with the national media, his chief of staff mailed me a copy every time another glowing piece about her boss came out in the press.

I learned the love lesson firsthand during the 2000 election, when — cajoled into doing an interview about McCain for a piece by TV newsmagazine 20/20 — I flew back and forth to Washington in a single day to be interviewed by Sam Donaldson, only to learn later from his producers that, whoops, Donaldson had decided he really liked McCain and didn’t want to include anything negative in his profile.

Oh, liberal media! The unbiased paladins of truth whose raison d’etre is to inform the populace! Of course having a mancrush on some grumpy old dude is a perfectly valid reason to forget all about objectivity in journalism! Hey, he might have done lots of questionable (to put it mildly) moves, but he’s just so damn fun to be around! Why spoil that awesome (and entirely manufactured) perception? This was not only with 20/20, the same happened with Mike freakin Wallace of 60 Minutes. This is just sad.

So yeah, people complaining about the press’ fascination with Obama (which of course does not include all the stupidly ridiculous nonstop shit like say, OHMYGOD HE ORDERED ORANGE JUICE! HE IS NOT FIT TO BE COMMANDER IN CHIEF!), get a grip. This irascible moron with absolutely no qualifications other than having been a PoW who later married a rich woman is on a league of his own (save GWB) when it comes to puff pieces from the press.

*Via the Great Orange Satan.

P.S. This is not the rant post I mentioned before.


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