You have probably heard me say this before…

but I will say it again: Thank you Jeff Tweedy, and Wilco in general, for giving the world the best McCartney song never written by Paul McCartney himself: Hate it Here, from the Sky Blue Sky album.

The video is kinda crappy, but the sound is much better than that from live show clips. And stupid NBC won’t post their SNL appearance.

It just sounds like something McCartney might have written while still in The Beatles and released in some solo album of the early 70s. Particularly, listen to how the bass hits some high notes right before the band joins in after a small silence, around 3:44. Does that not have the McCartney seal? I think so.

Please don’t take this to mean I think Wilco ripped him off or anything. I love Wilco. I think this song (and the entire album) is brilliantly beautiful. It’s just that this song has that nice early 70s rocking ballad feel to it. And a few arrangements that to me feel like something The Almighty Beatles might have done themselves.

I gotta say, I do think Tweedy shares some qualities with McCartney, mostly as songwriters. They are both really great at writing beautiful songs, no matter the style or context. They have a really good ear for melodies that you catch yourself humming unconsciously.

In closing, thank you Jeff Tweedy and Wilco. Thank you for giving us an awesome song.

Oh, and the Concert Gods hateth striketh againste me yet again. This morning I checked Wilco’s webpage to see if they were touring. Yes, they are touring. Yes, they are coming to the NY area. Yes, the show (at a park in Brooklyn) is sold out. Tickets are going for 150ish resale. I hate you Concert Gods. I will end you, even if that means the end of the world as we knoweth it.


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