Does anyone remember laughter?

Yes Robert Plant*, we do. But just in case you feel like you don’t, allow me to help.

Patton Oswalt is one of my favorite standup comics. The man is hilarious. And the way he approaches subjects appeals to me.

Here he is doing his KFC Bowl bit (NSFW language):

More Patton Oswalt hilarious goodness below the fold.

*From the Stairway to Heaven version in the “The Song Remains The Same” album/movie (around the 4:10 mark, to be precise).

Patton Oswalt on Black Angus Steaks, hating on damn dirty hippies (also NSFW). HERE COMES THE GRAVY PIPE!

Patton Oswalt on goddamn Park Slope Hispters and their douchy t-shirts (do I need to keep saying it’s NSFW?):

Lastly, Patton Oswalt on 80s Metal (someone bleeped out this one, I guess it is technically SFW):

Edit- Bonus Video! Patton on Jimmy Kimmel Live, on being an engaged alpha nerd.


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