Somebody stop me!

One of the health concerns for veggies (comme moi) is getting enough protein in your diet (and btw, most people nowdays eat more protein than they need). Luckily for me, I’ve been eating protein-rich chickpeas lately. A LOT.

I cannot stop eating delicious Chickpea Salad (mock Tuna/Chicken Salad style). It is delicious. Too delicious. And crunchy. And chickpeas are crazy healthy too! I added some scallions, corn, and would have added celery if I had. I am forever indebted to Astrani for this eye-opening recipe.

Not to mention I’ve been making delicious hummus regulary. Chives go really well in it.

Oh, and this awesome Chickpea Ragout recipe by The Man himself, Jacques Pepin, is scrumptious. Not to mention way easy to cook.

If avocados weren’t so damn expensive here, I’d be eating halved, cored, avocados; filled with delicious chickpea salad.

I should also make some tasty chickpea curry soon. Turmeric (used in lots of indian curry recipes) is also really good for you!

And in the rare case that you have some inexplicable aversion to chickpeas (seriously, what the hell?), I present you a super delicious Corn and Hominy Chowder recipe, a really nice take on mexican Pozole. Courtesy,  once again, of the genius that is Jacques Pepin.

All the recipes I’ve linked to in here are super easy to make. And delicious. Did I mention how delicious they are?


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  1. G-d bless the chick pea!

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