It’s Let’s Make Fun of Grampa McCain o’clock again!

Seriously people, how can there be any doubt that being a PoW is all you need to be a super serious Foreign Policy expert?

Let’s do a quick recap:

  • October 2007: John McCain wisely advocates for setting up a missile defense system in Czechoslovakia. Obama is such an asshole that he didn’t text McCain (since using the internets is not an option) beforehand to remind him that there hasn’t been such a thing as Czechoslovakia for over fifteen years.
  • July 2008: John McCain points out how there are “problems between Russia and their neighbors.” Who are these neighbors? Czechoslovakia, that’s who! He had to say it twice in two days to drive the point home. Obama is still a d-bag. He did not only fail to give him a call to tell him not to say Czechoslovakia on a non-historical context, but now one must add the pettiness that was not pointing out the Czechoslovakia never shared a border with Russia (only with The USSR, and in particular, Ukraine).
  • July 2008: John McCain, while discussing the not precarious nor urgent situation in Afghanistan, warns us about the troubles that “the situation on the Iraq-Pakistan border” entails. Obama goes out of his way to prove to us all that he is not only a soulless bastard, but clearly lacks foreign policy credentials by not once in his lifetime discussing the perils of the Iraq-Pakistan border.

In short, McCain is the strongest, and it seems like the only left, supporter of Czechoslovakia. He has a proven track record of unwaivering support for the land of that bastard Ivan Lendl (Edberg/Becker fan here).

I bet that ignorant OJ-drinking, terrist fist-(jibber)jabbin’, three point shootin’, not straight-talkin’, not Social-Security-is-a-disgrace accusin’, Obama will continue to ignore one of the staunchest allies the land of the brave has, Czechoslovakia.

For FSM’s sake, he hasn’t even ditched his long time wife for a rich heiress. Clearly he is just as unqualified to run our economy!

Also, he is not as old as McCain (this is a bit unfair, as McCain’s mom is the only living human older than him), which goes to show how unqualified he is to direct a sensible energy policy fit for the twentyfirst century.

And please, do not get me started on Obama’s failure to become aware of the internets.


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