Before I forget…

Go see The Dark Knight. I’ll even make it easier. Here’s the Fandango link to the movie. Enter your zip code and look for show times near you.

Ignore your stupid inner voice that says “any movie getting this much early praise and hype is doomed to be dissapointing.” That voice doesn’t have a freakin’ clue what it’s talking about. Silence it, and get thyself to the movies. Same goes for the voice that may say “Heath Ledger will always be the dude from ’10 things I hate about you’, no way he will do the joker justice.” If you catch yourself thinking something remotely along these lines, punch thyself in the groin.

You can thank me later.

No, seriously. Do not be a goddamn dumbass and let this movie pass. If you can score tickets for IMAX (which may be hard for the next week, at least) even better. I need to see this movie in glorious IMAX.


5 Responses

  1. AG doesn’t do the superhero-y type movies. I shall suggest it to others though if it means I can be Mrs. Torteya.

  2. AG loves The Beatles. That’s all I need.

  3. HEY! What’s wrong with “10 things I hate about you?” Teenage comedys are meant to be overwhelmingly stupid and trite.

    “10 things I hate about you” was pretty damn good. SO SCREW YOU HIPPY!

  4. Hey, 10 things I hate about you happens to be one of my guilty pleasures!

    I meant it in the “not a serious movie with serious actors” sense!

  5. Pill is not guilty about liking that movie.

    Pill IS guilty about liking Lifeforce.

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