What the hell is the wrong with Louisiana?

Both legislative houses just passed some Bill that is a thinly veiled attempt to introduce quacktastic Intelligent Design into the science classroom.

It appears the state’s only hope is that Bobby “The Exorcist” Jindal vetoes it. The Louisiana Coalition for Science is on it, and they are asking concerned parties to contact Governor Jindal about it. A most commendable initiative.

But let’s be realistic for a second here. Do you see a man who’s been talked about as a potential VP; or at the very least a promising up and coming figure in Republican circles, to go against a bill passed in both chambers? A bill that sadly, so very very sadly and embarrassingly, so many within his “base” is likely to support?


Now, it will probably have the same fate as other states’ attempts to force proven-beyond-any-trace-of-a-doubt quackery into science education. But really, what the fuck is wrong with you, Louisiana State Government?

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you: Have you accepted the Flying Spaghetti Monster as your personal lord, savior, and provider of carbohydrates?

RAmen, brothers and sisters!


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