This does it.

Sen. McCain: We may disagree on most issues (even those where you have had about 10 different opinions in the past 10 years), and that’s fine. Now you have crossed the line.

Your pro-Croc policies* are a monstrosity. The telltale of a bankrupt morality. The mushroom cloud resulting from all that is wrong with the world today. The third horse of the apocalypse that you are now instrumental in bringing forth. Please recant your support for those crimes against the most basic good sense.

The country may survive divisive politics, but Crocs will be the doom of this nation.

This Croc shit will not stand.

*Via Matt Yglesias.


One Response

  1. Ugliest. Footwear. Ever.

    I’m not sure which I despise more: Crocs or monkeys.

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