Mike Huckabee. Former Governor. Unbelievable idiot.

Look, sir. I’m not sure where you got this idea from, but stubbornness and utter disregard for your fellow men’s opinions are not inherently virtues. They are a tool that may allow you do things.

So yes, of course it is good that a man with a noble cause is not dissuaded by a wrong but popular opinion.

It is also fucking disastrous when say, they are used by an unrepentant, unapologetic, racist Neanderthal trying to keep a country segregated.

So, don’t go around making yourself look like a damned moron who can’t string two thoughts together by saying Obama should be more like that lovely sweet man, Jesse Helms, Professional Bigot.

Want to guess if the person interviewing him confronted him about the vacuity of his point, or the far more blatant in-your-face sheer stupidity of his chosen example? Ah, the mighty truth-seeking super serious Journalists, nothing ever gets past them!


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