D-bag of the day.

The affluent Beverly Farms conceited Massholes who used a 4th of July Parade to make fun of the (working class) Gloucester High pregnant girls. They really went out of their way to make it as degrading as possible.

Nevermind that teen pregnancies on their town are about the same as in Gloucester! Pretty embarassing that it’s the teenagers who are showing good sense and not the adults. Quoth Collette Fidrych, 18: “It’s wicked disrespectful, If my family was there, I would have been so embarrassed. My parents would have run screaming.”

And just in case this insanity wasn’t fully evident, here comes chauvinist asshole Michael Graham, penning the (in his mind witty) “For Gloucester, it’s so funny it hurts.” Which can be summarized thusly:

What those teenage bitches need is some good ole shaming. If we had preemptively shamed them enough until they became automatons or nuns, none of this hilarious incident would have happened. Get on with the bitch-shaming, folks! Say it loud, I’m a chauvinist asshole and I’m proud!

Seriously. Because clearly the answer to teen pregnancy particularly in this media circus of an event, is some more shaming young girls! Don’t ask how I reached this conclusion, but something tells me he secretly wishes we were one of those countries were you can stone to death some slutty women.

Don’t you love it that there’s no other parties involved in a pregnancy than those dumb, slutty bitches?


One Response

  1. Having lived in Gloucester and worked in Bev Farms I can tell you there is little difference between the two. There are actually more impressive and expensive homes in Gloucester. So, BF needs to get off its high horse already.

    Cobags. They give my state a bad name.

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