Badass of the Day: Lara Logan. (Late Edition)

You have probably already seen the video (or watched the episode back when it aired over a week ago) of Lara Logan at The Daily Show. I would embed it here, but WordPress thinks every media player that is not youtube isn’t safe or something.

You have probably at least seen the money quote from that interview: If I were to watch the news that you hear in the United States—I’d just blow my brains out because it would drive me nuts. This is in regards to media coverage of the Iraq and Afghanistan continuing wars.

If you haven’t seen the video, I highly recommend it.

Oh, as it was to be expected when anybody calls attention to the trivialization and marginalization of terrible and brutal human suffering (especially of the brown peoples, but nowhere near exclusive) brought upon by Glorious Leader Commander-in-Chief’s Excellent Middleast Adventure; the usual attacks were as prompt as always. Ah, Rupert Murdoch’s trash tabloid NY Post and crazy fascist lovers such as the always deranged Michelle Malkin, we can always count on your for this kind of shit!

It does the soul good to see examples of good journalists out there. Behaving like journalists and not cheerleading propaganda tools.

Bonus Lara Logan kicking ass and taking names below the fold.

Lara Logan back in 2006 calling BS on all the people complaining about “unjustly negative” coverage of news in Iraq.

Lara Logan talking about a story she broke about horrible conditions at an Iraqui Orphanage. Pointing out how full of shit some Iraq Officials were when denying that American Troops were involved in helping the kids. Also, watch for the 4:!10 mark for an awesome bitchslap to professional d-bag Bill O’Reilly.

And, as a bonus, a clip of Lara Logan from 2006 where she does the noble job of debunking then Secreatary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s deliberate lies.


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