This is nautical miles past the point of being ridiculous.

Today, John Yoo, formerly of the Justice’s Department Office of Legal Counsel, one of the lawyers behind the mainstreaming of torture by the Bush Administration testified before the House Judiciary Comitee.

This is how truly fucked up this man is. This illustrates how twisted his mind has become. This is a display of that profoundly insulting tactic pioneered by lawyers and adopted wholeheartedly by the Bush administration of dancing around questions without ever actually giving an answer, even after being called on their evasive ways. This is how radical these people’s views are.

He cannot bring himself to answer “no” to the question “Could the President order a suspect buried alive?”

Now, this was a much more direct version of the original question posed by Congressman Conyers which roughly asked “Is there anything the president cannot order if he considered it necessary to obtain information?” Which of course brought nothing but a load of evasive crap from this wanker.

These are the people behind the mainstreaming of torture. Take a good look into their minds. Have a good sniff at the bullshit coming from them.

Oh, and congratulations to Berkeley’s Law School. I am sure there was no better professor you could sign to teach our new generations of Lawyers. This is no doubt the man we want to have influence on a new generation of Legal thought.

My thanks to Congressman Conyers for having it on the record that former legal counsels to the President are utterly incapable of answering such a damned simple question.

I would love if somebody had a counter of how many current and past members of the White House’s Legal Team have answered the question they were asked while testifying in the House or Senate. I am going for ten to fifteen percent. I’m not sure what act I prefer less, Gonzales’ alzheimer or Yoo’s contemptuous asshole.

Of course, no doubt the media will be all over this. As they always do.


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