Just wow. Karl Rove goes after the NY Times for “putting our country at risk.” Pretty standard, right? It gets way better, trust me.

He accuses them of endangering the country by revealing the name of a CIA agent. Yes. Karl Rove, the man who leaked the name of CIA undercover agent Valerie Wilson (née Plame), accuses the NY Times of putting the country at risk by revealing the identity of a CIA agent. With a straight face.

I’m sure Alanis Morrisette would deem it Ironic that on the week that distinguished bullshit denouncer Georga Carlin dies, Karl Rove dumps this gargantuan load of bovine feces on us. Truly remarkable.

Now you may be wondering “Gee, doesn’t Karl Rove have a point, though?” Well, read what the NYT editors have to say about their reasons for including the name towards the end of the article that Rove refers to. Basically: The CIA agent mentioned was not working under cover (unlike Valerie Wilson), many others involved have been named in news reports and books, and not including the name would have hurt the credibility of the story.

So if you ask me, Karl Rove does not have a point. Which makes it even more ironic, don’t you think?


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