Welcome to the land of opportunity!

Damn, I just ran across this post*, which does a nice analysis of income distribution in the US starting at 1979. This image to the left I find plain shocking. That skyrocketing line at the top is the percentage increase in income for the top 1%. All those lines below 0%, meaning those who have had their income shrunk? Well, that’s only the bottom ninety percent of the people in this country.

Isn’t it awesome to have economic policies that clearly work to benefit the majority of the population? I can’t overstate my satisfaction.

This is the point where I stop myself before I start rambling about how I am for a far more progressive, well implemented, taxation system.

Of course, this is far from being an exclusive problem in the US. I am pretty sure I’d have a heart attack if I saw something equivalent done for say, Mexico. Did I tell you we (Mexico) have the richest man on the planet and about 60 million people living in poverty (from about 110 million total)? Over half of them (if I remember correctly) in extreme poverty. And mind you, poverty in Mexico is not defined in the same way as poverty here, the Mexican government is pretty clever in redefining things so they don’t look like they’re fucking up things worse than the previous administration. People defined as poor there are freakin’ poor.

*Via Corrente


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