Gary Lineker strikes again!

The robodeutsch continue their march in the Eurocup, beating the mighty Turks 3-2.

I had a thought in the back of my mind telling me this would happen not even 30 minutes into the game. Why?

  1. This was the first game I was actively rooting for the Turks. And they were undefeated.
  2. This was the first game the turks scored first.

I’m really sorry for my Turkish friends. They had a really tough game. Germany (much like Italy) becomes harder and harder to beat the further into a tournament you are. They also were hit hard by injuries and players being suspended. And yet they got really close to beating the mighty unstoppable germans.

It was an amazing game to watch. I’m sure you guys will do great in South Africa. Sadly, yet again twenty two men chased a ball around, and in the end the Germans won.

P.S. Screw you Switzerland! Your shitty weather made us all outside of your fake country miss not one but two goals.

P.P.S. I am reconsidering vocally supporting Spain. I was 1-3 in my quarter-final predictions (I was only expecting Spain to advance from the teams that ended up advancing). And while I was not calling the game for Turkey, I certainly was rooting for them against the germans. Double damn.


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