I think this is when I realize my yoof is on its last legs.

I went to a most marvelous concert last night: Liquid Tension Experiment, a prog-metal studio supergroup from the late 90s. I never expected to see them live, as they were just a side project. But they wisely decided to go on a 10yr anniversary mini-tour. It was well worth the drive to the city, the near two hours in line (goddamned kids with nothing to do, we were probably behind a hundred people already, and this was for a really small venue), the drive back home and the getting to bed way past 3 AM.

It was really amazing.

But this morning, I have some weird and unexpected kind of awesome music-caused hangover. I didn’t drink at all. And the kid who got seriously baked not 5ft away wasn’t polite enough to share, so there’s nothing to blame but my damned not-quite-as-youthful-anymore body.

I am -this close- to putting you On Notice, stupid ageing body. Don’t tempt me further!

I am not digging this whole getting older shit. I want a refund.

Of, if you were curious about the concert let me say this: They opened with Acid Rain and followed with Kindred Spirits. Words cannnot describe the amount of awesome that was.


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