From the Annals of “You have got to be effing shitting me”…

  • Fox News Analyst on O’Reilly: “what we ought to do is get Iraq to give us a 100 year lease” (for exploring their old fields). Why, you ask? “The Iraqis owe us, Bill. We ought to take it.” No, seriously. What. The. Fuck. HOW DO THESE PEOPLE SAYING THIS KIND OF SHIT GET ON TV WEEK IN AND WEEK OUT? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!
  • Karl Rove describing Obama thusly: “He’s the guy at the country club with the beautiful date, holding a martini and a cigarette that stands against the wall and makes snide comments about everyone who passes by.” So, let me keep this straight. He is a closet muslim, who is also an angry-black-christian, who is only where he is because he’s black, who again let us remember he is a scary dark person not to be trusted and certainly not one to belong in our pure american elite social circles… and now he is James Bond? What’s he gonna be next week? A fucking Inner City Jamaican Gangster?
  • Richard Cohen’s (Cliff Notes version) “McCain flip-flops are alright because he was tortured in ‘nam. Obama’s flip-flops are a sign he is not one to be trusted to be President.” Then he closes with an awesomely horrible obliviousness dodge: “A presidential race is only incidentally about issues. It’s really about likability and character.” Of course, the fact that media pundits go out of their way to turn elections into retarded popularity contests shouldn’t be blamed. It is just the way things are. One can’t mess with mother nature.
  • Speaking of Obama, what the fuck is up with going back on Campaign reform and FISA spineless backing? I’ve never idolized the guy, as good a politician and the better candidate for President (by about 4.37 AUs) that he is, so I’m not really “emotionally let down” or anything. I am still happy to vote for him (unlike feeling I’m picking the lesser of two evils), but come on. What the fuck? Why? How is this making sense with your platform? Do not fuck this up.
  • Charlie Black, senior adviser to McCain saying “[Another terrorist attack on US soil] Certainly it would be a big advantage to him.” I cannot believe how, to this day, it is not a wholly laughable proposition that a second terrorist attack during a republican administration would be a sign that Republicans are clearly the more capable of fighting terrorism. How does this work? The more times shit happens on your watch the more your competence is reaffirmed? The more violent crimes in the streets, the better job the city police is doing? How can people say this with a straight face? How can the reporters hearing this not inquire as to the obvious logical inconsistency and utmost stupidity of said statement? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!

I better stop now.


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