Irrefutable proof that there is no god.

The Dutch lost. To effing Russia. Seriously. Russia. They didn’t even lose while playing the kind of football they wowed everyone with at the group stage.

On the other hand, this may serve as proof that Guus Hiddink made a pact with the devil and should be banned forever from coaching any non-netherlands teams. I foresee a glim future for humankind, one marred by endless bellicosity where non top (football) tier countries battle each other in devastating wars to determine who gets to be coached by him next.

More importantly! Who am I going to root for now? Robotic Germany? Annoyingly lucky Turkey? Of course, there is no way in hell I’m rooting for Russia (no matter how actually truly great a match they played and how insanely good Andrei Arshavin is, seriously, no way this guy comes out of the Euro not signed by some elite club). So that leaves very-good-but-there’s-no-way-they-won’t-lose-in-a-heartbreaking-way Spain.

Now, my inner liberal screams at the very thought of rooting for a goddamned troglodite monarchy (as democratic and advanced socio-politically as it may be), but at least they are capable of playing some really nice football. And seriously, aside from Russia (who again, I won’t root for) there’s no proponents of beautiful football left. Don’t insult me with fatally flawed arguments that what germany practices can be described as “attractive”. The english language (or whatever language you chose to try to make your point) does not deserve such deception and brutality against it.

The world is cruel and the gods are insufferable saddistic bastards. On the bright side, besides van Niestelrooy, the dutch have a young team and should have a good showing in South Africa ’10.

But for now, I mourn.


2 Responses

  1. Sports and liberalism mixes as well as religion and bar room drinking.


    I honked my horn this weekend.

    I love the Hamptons. I hate Patchogue.

  2. Patchogue? Oh you should totally go to the Blue Point brewery! Delicious beer at cheap prices still “fresh from the oven”!

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