Stay classy, San Diego!

Well, technically it should be Stay Classy, Darrell Issa, Congressman for California’s 49th District that contains parts of San Diego County!

I just couldn’t not quote Ron Burgundy.

Oh, don’t think this was an isolated case of being all class. He knows all about staying classy.


2 Responses

  1. So how is this different from Chris Matthews going on about how Russert was “Mr. America” and obviously taken in by the “lies” of the Iraq War? Matthews politicized Russert’s death well before Rep. Issa did. (Not excusing Rep. Issa.)

    Personally, I think MSNBC should just change its name to The Russert Channel. All Russert, All The Time, 24/7! Nice guy, one of the most fair-minded journalists in a heavily biased industry, but OK, folks, we get it, it was a shame that he died too young. Let’s let the healing begin.

    And God, please, keep Keith Olbermann far, far away from the moderator’s chair on Meet The Press.

  2. Not that I think it was entirely appropriate of Chris Matthews to bring that up, but there is at least one very clear difference I can see:

    Chris Matthews was telling an -anecdote-, he sure editorialized on what he and Russert discussed, but it was about a discussion that actually took place. Issa was -150% hypothetically- saying what Russert would’ve wanted.

    Another difference is that Matthews was speaking for himself “I think that they used him, blah blah blah”, as opposed to Issa speaking for Russert “Tim Russert would’ve blah blah blah.”

    Again, not that I agree that it was the best time/venue for Mathews to speak about it, but they are certainly different circumstances.

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