Deutsch: Der Fluch des AP!

(German: AP’s bane!)

So, I was thinking about the whole AP acting like it was the 1940’s deal. Just who the hell quotes an article using four words or less? That definition is clearly retarded. Then it hit me:

The Germans, that’s who!

Well, not quite. But my idea is, what if a person chose to just string together words like Germans do, in such a way that you are only technically using four words or less? Technicallyier speaking, one isn’t even using anything but zero words, as one is using made-up words that are not real words. Furthermore, would it still be, strictly speaking, quoting the AP? You know, since one isn’t truly reprinting their work (same argument, the “quote” contains no words, so it can’t be a reproduction of a work containing actual words). Would it qualify as “paraphrasing” and if so, is paraphrasing also covered in their draconian quoting scam?

As an example (only for educational purposes, of course!): were I speaking of Cali Gay Marriage stuff, one could say:

One big difference whose consequences may soon be felt between Massachusetts and California marriage laws is, as an article from the AP mentions “[Unlike Massachusetts] California hasnoresidencyrequirementformarriagelicenses. Manycouplesareexpectedtoheadwesttowed.”

What dost thou thinketh?


One Response

  1. Der Associatedpressen kan poundensanden.

    There. Four words.

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