The most important physics calculation of the year is…

From the always hilarious XKCD

From the always hilarious XKCD

The time it will take for physicists to have a functioning majority in Congress. Currently, there’s three. Honestly, I think more people with a strong science (read: real science, social sciences don’t count) background should be involved in government. Not nearly as much for what they know (quoth Congressman Holt: “We know more than our colleagues, but not more than they could know.”) as for their approach to problems.

And well, avoiding embarrassing situations such as having funding for game theory research almost take a cut because some moron thought it’s about fucking sports would definitely be a good thing. Oh, also not having to point out “fundamental concepts of what radar can or cannot do” during a meeting on electronic border fence security would probably keep said physicist congressman’s souls from dying a little.

As for the result on that calculation I mentioned:

“We’ve done the calculation,” Mr. Holt said. “By midcentury, I think, we’ll have a functioning majority.”

Now we just need some referees to look over their methodology, statistics, etc.

P.S. I will lead by example (re: more science people in government) and nominate myself for supreme emperor of the world.


4 Responses

  1. We’ve found something we agree on! 🙂 More scientists and FEWER LAWYERS in Congress would be a great start. Mainly fewer lawyers. Really, you can replace most of Congress with orangutans and chimpanzees (one for the Democrats and one for the Republicans so you can tell ’em apart, doesn’t matter which is which) and things would turn out about the same.

  2. Really, you can replace most of Congress with orangutans and chimpanzees

    But… I have this irrational dislike of monkeys…

  3. One day, when you need a social scientist’s help, I hope they find this blog entry on how you us. dissed us.

    Also, someone else is pushing for Queen of the Universe. She’ll smite you if you aren’t careful.

  4. Supreme Emperor of the World is certainly a subordinate to the almighty Queen of the Universe.

    Please no smiting!

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