Because I haven’t outraged/depressed you enough today.

Here is a nice little post from a blog I have only recently found out, Inside Iraq (from McClatchy). It is written by Iraquis living in Iraq and I wish I had started checking it way earlier: The post I’d love you to read is titled Shadows.

I don’t want to use the word nice (because of the context), so I will go with effective. I think it is a rather effective vignette of what happens when you go to war against a strawman.

I am sorry, I don’t know why I would subject you (and myself) to such a shitty way to start the week. I figured, if I’m gonna feel bad, I may as well go the extra mile. I know none of this is new, I don’t intend it to look as if I’m all that well informed of what’s going on.

But, you know? There are times when for whatever reasons and under whatever circumstances you run into some bit of information, and regardless of its recentness you just can’t stop thinking about it. More so if it’s the kind of thing that keeps getting you angrier and angrier.

In retrospect, I really really really triple wish that the media as a whole had been more interested in informing us of what’s actually going on with Iraqis’ lives, what impact this occupation is having on them. I am aware that’s probably not one of the top priorities of the administration, but it sure as hell should’ve been a priority for journalists.

By the way, it is not at all a “OMG everything that is wrong about Iraq is exclusively the US’ fault!” kind of blog. Please do not disregard it as such. There are positive, negative, neutral, cynical, disillusioned, hopeful -you get it- views in there.

Here’s a teaser of that post I mentioned:

Apprehensively, I get up and run to look outside. I could see shadows moving about in the garden. What to do?? Do I call out?? Do I pretend not to be at home?? Which is the safest move?? Have “they” come for me?? Good God, spare us – My kids!!

“What’s this? Heinlein? Asimov? Grisham?” He turns to look at me again, this time, with a different expression in his eyes. “Do you have a weapon?” “Yes, of course. It’s in that cabinet”

He opens the cabinet and looks closely inside.

“You play Diablo?! And what’s this?! Grand Theft Auto??” He forgets all about the weapon and turns to us with a wide grin on his face, and astonishment in his eyes. My son asks him, “Is ours the first house you search?”, “No, why?”, “Because all my friends have these games, why are you so surprised?” The serviceman looks embarrassed, and turns to inspect the weapon.

*Via The New York Review of Books.


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