Oh, the joys of legal limbo! (alternate title: The Men who most deserve a life full of nightmares always end up sleeping like babies)

In light of a recent comment-discussion spawned by OPB’s post about the recent Supreme Court ruling about Gitmo, I feel compelled to direct you to the following most excellent report from McClatchy: America’s prison for terrorists often held the wrong men.

It is a multi-part story, and at the time I’m writing this, only the first (of five) parts is up. I believe they will be putting up one more piece per day. As a teaser, here’s how they’re labeling the Five parts:

Sunday: We got the wrong guys
Monday: ‘I guess you can call it torture’
Tuesday: A school for Jihad
Wednesday: ‘Due process is legal mumbo-jumbo’
Thursday: ‘You are the king of this prison’

This illustrates, what I believe to be, one of the main problems people have with the bullshit pseudo-legal system that has been setup in Gitmo. Say, strictly hyphothetically (for our glorious and wise Commander in Chief and his Merry Band in the Administration would surely never allow such a thing, of course!), that a person has been captured erroneously. This person has absolutely no way to contest this hypothetically unjust capture. This person doesn’t exist, doesn’t have any rights. It can very well take years before even charges are pressed. All kinds of unspeakable shit could in principle of course, be done to him. And this would all be perfectly fine.

How the people behind this are capable of looking at themselves in the mirror and going on happily with their lives is beyond me.

UPDATE: If you are in the mood for spending the next few hours (at least) feeling sick to your stomach, then go ahead and read Part II of the McClatchy series, available today: “U.S. abuse of detainees was routine at Afghanistan bases”


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