Oh, Wesley Clark. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Full disclosure: I voted for Wesley Clark in the NY primaries back in 2004. I may discuss my reasoning behind this some time. Do not take it as me saying this guy is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I will say he is one person whose policies I agree with very often.

Video of Wesley Clark appearing in “Morning Joe” (Joe Scarborough’s show) to discuss comments he’s made about McCain’s claims of military command expertise:

Click here for the video, stupid WordPress won’t let me embed a video from MSNBC.com.

In here, we can see perhaps the main thing that attracted me to Wesley Clark: He calls bullshit bullshit while schooling mindless cheerleaders on why the stuff coming out of their mouths should be coming out of their derrieres. He doesn’t allow right wing idiots to talk over him. He explains in simple terms why it is that what they’re saying is demonstrably stupid and wrong. And while, if anybody else was saying the same, they’d be dismissed as soom far-left pacificist lunatic non-serious dirty hippy person, not even Bill O’Reilly (yet) would dare question his credentials. Motherfuckin’ Supreme Commander of NATO allied forces, bitches!

So yeah, I really dig Wesley Clark. I think he has very sound ideas in general, not only in foreign policy. But he really shines when he deconstructs and destroys horrible right wing counterproductive warmongering policy.

Towards the end of the clip, the anchoress comments: “Sounding like a Vicepresident, is that possible?” I haven’t given it much thought, and I’m a bit hesitant to legitimize right wing talking points that Obama’s foreign policy is “non-serious and naive and so totally not gonna work as well as our super plan that has clearly been working just swell in the past 8 years!” by nominating a person that, unlike Obama, knows what he’s talking about. Never mind their positions are awfully close!

But you know, it would be awesome to have Clark tearing up the warmongering talking points machine time and time again during the general election campaign. He is also a bona fide Clintonite, which would also help to show Dems are in it together. What can I say? I like the man.

Something to think and hope about, mayhaps.

Edit- Pardon my poor blogging manners! Video of Wesley Clark via Deoliver47@The Great Orange Satan.

Edit 2: The Editening: Retired Colonel Pat Lang on why Clark is right in his assessment of McCain’s military experience.

Son of Edit: The piece at HuffPo with the interview of Clark that started the whole deal. Interesting read!


2 Responses

  1. Just one caveat from your post, regarding the Veep thing. On Slate’s Political Gabfest, they discussed the notion of “strong foreign policy/defense Cred” Veep. The argument for that choice is obvious; accordingly, this is why Obama woudn’t choose Clark, as it would make his candidacy look “weak.”l That being said, Obama/Clark sounds awesome.

  2. OG, who would you suggest with a strong foreign policy?

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