Hup Oranje!

What can I say? My favorite European Team is playing marvelously. First a 3-0 against defensive powerhouse Italy (Damn dirty diving cheating Italians!), and now a 4-1 against Les Bleus.

It’s not only the fact that they have a steamroller offensive with van Niestelrooy, Schneijder, Kuyt, Robben, van Persie and backs who go on offense really well (van Bronckhorst comes to mind), they are playing dominating Football. Today’s game against France was just amazing to watch. I was a bit sad, as I also like Les Bleus a lot (the wound from the ’06 Worldcup still hurts). But hot damn! the clockwork orange seems to be back in full.

I mean, did you watch Robben’s goal? Sweet Joseph, Saint Patron of Carpenters! How the hell did he manage to score from that angle? Not 30 seconds after the French had scored and got themselves just one goal away from a tie! A really impressive football display.

I know their defense is supposed to be flaky. And, while today I think they played really well (a coming-from-injury Tierry Henry is still Tierry effing Henry), I don’t think the defense is as unreliable as most people were saying before the Euro started. Plus, van der Saar is as good a goalkeeper as they come. If they keep up playing with such intensity and avoid stupid defensive errors, I’m not going to say they’ll win, but they sure as hell will be a damn memorable squad.

To honor this great team who is showing the world how to play beautiful, fast paced, offensive, devastating football; I shall drink nothing but Dutch beer till the end of the Eurocup. Such is my commitment to Oranje!

Later on if I can find videos of some of the awesome goals they’ve scored, I’ll update this.

Hup Oranje!

P.S. The only downside to witnessing this, is the thought at the back of my head that Mexico is still lightyears away from playing like these european powers. It’s almost sad, then I just block those thoughts and go back to the beauty of Totaalvoetbal.


3 Responses

  1. Totally concur on all fronts – they are playing beautiful, decisive football and finishing flawlessly. Van Basten played it tidily bringing Robben and van Persie on at just the crucial junctures. France played a decent game – better than Italy on Monday – but were pretty much just blown off the pitch by the tight, and can I just say it again, BEAUTIFUL football of the jongens van Oranje.

    Noone in the country dares to say it for fear of jinxing the boys, but they really could become Euro-champions like this on the 20th anniversary of their only previous Euro title. I for one bloody well hope so.


  2. No idea what the commentators over in the Netherlands were saying when van Basten sent Robben and van Persie in, but the americans were suprised by his aggressiveness. They said something like “they are either going to crucify him or he will be a Genius!”, not five minutes later, van Persie’s goal came hehe.

    I was really happy to see that mentality. I hate hate hate teams that just pull back and play 5-4-1 when they are ahead, it always makes it so that the last few minutes are just constant goal chances against. I hope more teams start recognizing that keeping an offensive game is at least as good a way to secure a score.

    I am so jealous you’re in the Netherlands right now, It’s gotta be awesome, everybody going crazy.

  3. Se agradece la info, vamos argentina carajo para el mundial de futbol en sudafrica 2010 !

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