God %@#$ damnit!

So Wes Clark went on Face the Nation and aired again his criticism of the idea pushed forth by the McCain campaign that his military experience should be considered as a directly relevant qualification for the post of Commander-in-Chief. Via Digby:

CLARK: He has been a voice on the Senate Armed Services Committee. And he has traveled all over the world. But he hasn’t held executive responsibility. That large squadron in the Navy that he commanded — that wasn’t a wartime squadron. He hasn’t been there and ordered the bombs to fall. He hasn’t seen what it’s like when diplomats come in and say, “I don’t know whether we’re going to be able to get this point through or not, do you want to take the risk, what about your reputation, how do we handle this publicly? He hasn’t made those calls, Bob.
SCHIEFFER: Can I just interrupt you? I have to say, Barack Obama hasn’t had any of these experiences either, nor has he ridden in a fighter plane and gotten shot down.
CLARK: I don’t think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become president.

Now of course, Barack Obama doesn’t have a substantive claim to relevant Military experience, just like McCain doesn’t. But he isn’t basing his entire campaign on this premise, McCain is. And it should be made clear that his claim has no real basis. Thank you Wes Clark, for pointing out the obvious yet again when nobody dared (because let’s remember, one can never criticize the alleged military credentials of a Republican)!

Now, it comes out that the mothertruckin’ Obama campaign is making their nth+1 trademark spineless democrat move of the week. Remind everyone how Obama honors McCain’s service and in no way, shape or form, would he ever get his mind anywhere near such dirty, treasonous thoughts!!!!

What the fuck, Obama campaign? Seriously. What. The. Fuck. Grow some spine. Stop peddling the “hard on defense” Republican paradigms. What on earth are you thinking? WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?


Of course, the McCain campaign has already started spinning Clark’s statement into a “Clark totally dissed McCain’s service!!!!!!!”

Of course, Joe Klein is already reaching for the smelling salts. Damn wankers.

I’m gonna need an extra dose of Beatles.

I should’ve added: Click here to read about the clearly expected response by the Republicans and commentary on the sad, dissapointing, infuriating response by the Obama campaign and “serious people” in general. Bonus points for McCain using one of the Swift Boaters to attack and misrepresent Clark. Oh baby jesus, the effing gall of some people.

Why does everything always comes back to The Beatles?

So, I was browsing around blogs after lunch as usual and what do I see in Making Light‘s sidelights? “Joe Cocker, translated” I just had to click. Turns out it was linking to this insanely hilarious video:

It is always fun to watch Joe Cocker going all hippy convulsing, but the captions are beyond brilliant. So I’m feeling like watching another Joe Cocker video, and I remember his really awesome version of “The Letter.” So I go for that one.

Man, this video is awesome. From the Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour. A humongous band, at least two drummers, god knows how many backup vocals. Insane. It’s pure hippy-on-the-verge-of-outright-drug-abuse-decadence bliss. Hmm, that funky dude with the awesome hat on piano who looks absolutely stoned looks familiar. Let’s watch another Joe Cocker hippy video, this is fun! Oh, he did a really awesome cover of “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window”!!!! Almost forgot “The Wonder Years song” is not his only Beatles’ cover. (Wait, this is not yet the full Beatles connection)

Damn, now the funky stoner dude with a hat is rocking on the guitar. Awesome bluesy twangy style. Kickass. He looks really familiar, damnit. And it’s not just the Kid-Rock-if-he-joined-ZZ Top thing.

Then it hits me. He was in George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh! That’s where I remember him from!

See, before there was Live Aid and all those other benefit concerts, there was the Concert for Bangladesh. An Impromptu concert at Madison Square Garden in 1971 organized by George Harrison and Ravi Shankar (who brought the issue to Harrison originally) to raise money for aiding the people of Bangladesh, who were in a terrible state after natural disasters and their War for Independence from Pakistan. There was no notion of rockstars joining for a concert to benefit poor people halfway across the globe. Harrison even released a single, “Bangladesh” to raise awareness and money for aid.

Here’s George Harrison’s band playing “Bangladesh” at the Concert. Yes, those are Ringo Starr on drums, Billy Preston on keyboards and Eric Clapton on lead guitar. And of course funky hat stoner dude on piano and the also kickass Klaus Voorman on bass.

By the way, the stoner dude with the awesome hat and crazy musical talent is Oklahoma’s Leon Russell. Next time you hear somebody say how Slash was so original in his choice of headgear, you get to scoff at them and boost your music nerd cred by pointing Leon out.

Oh, George Harrison would later go on to found Handmade Films (originally) to finance Monty Python’s “Life of Brian.” Seriously, The Beatles rock.

*Bonus awesome Joe Cocker video: Joe Cocker and John Belushi doing his Joe Cocker impression singing “Feelin’ Alright” in SNL. Truly hilarious.

¡Aúpa España!

And so it was that an exciting Eurocup ended. With Spain finally freeing itself from its old paranoias and self-doubts that had always kept it one step behind the football powers.

It was a tough game, no doubt. I don’t think there’s been more than a handful of games during major tournaments where any team has defeated Germany without breaking a sweat. I found it interesting that Spain beat Germany with a very “german” goal. Torres on a display of physical and mental strength, silencing all of those who had been criticizing him during the competition.

The way I see it, this is what happened with Torres during most games: He would invariantly be facing really strong defenses and usually having two men covering him. He would wear them both down for about an hour, struggling for any clear chance. Then Aragones would take him out, and bring a fresh pair of legs that could then exploit the central back’s Torres-induced exaustion. The man was getting too little credit.

I have to say players that, when fouled, stand right back up and continue chasing the ball instead of rolling around, grabbing a body part that was not involved in any kind of physical contact hoping for an undeserved card, are my kind of player. I’m not saying I only like physical players. What I’m saying is, I like tenacious, no-nonsense players. I don’t care if it’s 5’6″ (1.69m) Leo Messi or 6’1″ (1.86m) Fernando Torres. I can’t stand players who would rather roll around than continue chasing the ball, not giving up on the play. Hence my utter distaste for the terribly skilled Cristiano Ronaldo.The same can be said for just about every goddamn player in the Mexican League and Mexican national team.

I got to watch the game in a really appropriate place: Astoria’s Bohemian Hall Beer Garden.

The place was packed. Also, New York’s stupid weather didn’t help at all. See, on my way there it was damn hot and sunny. Almost brutally so. Now, as I was in the beer line before the match started I noticed it had turned cloudy and a bit windy. Not a good sign. Then just as the game was starting, it began raining. Then it began raining like crazy.

Now, my awesome friends had got there early and secured a table under one of the tarps for our group. But at least half the people were in the center, unroofed, areas. Of course, said poor bastards came under the roofed areas. The bad part is that the only place to stand was in between rows of tables. And this meant a lot of people sitting at their tables were unable to actually look at the TVs.

Much arguing ensued, but there was really not that much to be done under those circumstances. Luckily it stopped raining before half time and people started moving out. The second half was infinitily easier to watch, and far more enjoyable.

All in all, a really nice place and crowd to watch the game. There were deffinitely more germany supporters, but there was a decent pro-spain crowd (myself included).

The happy spaniards kept celebrating for at least an hour after the game was over. I have no idea when they left the place.

A really great Eurocup has ended. Now I get to watch overpayed, pampered, dive-happy Mexican League games. Oh, the joy.

Chauvinist Pig Alert!

Bruce Ware, professor of Christian theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., who appears to have mastered time travel in his native year of 1783 and joined us in the scary future, made the following points at Denton Bible Church in Texas just over a week ago*:

  1. God gave men (the male ones, not the species) authority over their wives.
  2. Sin makes said wives disagree with their husbands.
  3. It is only as a response of said sinning by those unruly wives that men abuse their wives, which is also a sin. So it’s bad but justified. Also, males can only respond to uppity women in two ways: they either sin by abusing them, or they sin by becoming emasculated useless wusses.
  4. Women’s path to eternal salvation is via childbearing. Only by embracing her husband’s authority and realizing her accessory role is that a woman is a good Christian.
  5. Men were created first. Women were created later in order to be men’s “helper”.

Enjoy your stay in this Brave New World, you idiotic caveman. Go to one of our libraries, you may discover this novel revelation that there are not two classes of humans with different rights and responsibilities separated by type of gonads. I know, it blew my mind too!

*Via Think Progress.

Thank you, Internets.

For listening to my prayers.

*Courtesty of Rumproast, via I am aware of all Internet Traditions.

Badass of the Day: Lara Logan. (Late Edition)

You have probably already seen the video (or watched the episode back when it aired over a week ago) of Lara Logan at The Daily Show. I would embed it here, but WordPress thinks every media player that is not youtube isn’t safe or something.

You have probably at least seen the money quote from that interview: If I were to watch the news that you hear in the United States—I’d just blow my brains out because it would drive me nuts. This is in regards to media coverage of the Iraq and Afghanistan continuing wars.

If you haven’t seen the video, I highly recommend it.

Oh, as it was to be expected when anybody calls attention to the trivialization and marginalization of terrible and brutal human suffering (especially of the brown peoples, but nowhere near exclusive) brought upon by Glorious Leader Commander-in-Chief’s Excellent Middleast Adventure; the usual attacks were as prompt as always. Ah, Rupert Murdoch’s trash tabloid NY Post and crazy fascist lovers such as the always deranged Michelle Malkin, we can always count on your for this kind of shit!

It does the soul good to see examples of good journalists out there. Behaving like journalists and not cheerleading propaganda tools.

Bonus Lara Logan kicking ass and taking names below the fold. Continue reading

This is nautical miles past the point of being ridiculous.

Today, John Yoo, formerly of the Justice’s Department Office of Legal Counsel, one of the lawyers behind the mainstreaming of torture by the Bush Administration testified before the House Judiciary Comitee.

This is how truly fucked up this man is. This illustrates how twisted his mind has become. This is a display of that profoundly insulting tactic pioneered by lawyers and adopted wholeheartedly by the Bush administration of dancing around questions without ever actually giving an answer, even after being called on their evasive ways. This is how radical these people’s views are.

He cannot bring himself to answer “no” to the question “Could the President order a suspect buried alive?”

Now, this was a much more direct version of the original question posed by Congressman Conyers which roughly asked “Is there anything the president cannot order if he considered it necessary to obtain information?” Which of course brought nothing but a load of evasive crap from this wanker.

These are the people behind the mainstreaming of torture. Take a good look into their minds. Have a good sniff at the bullshit coming from them.

Oh, and congratulations to Berkeley’s Law School. I am sure there was no better professor you could sign to teach our new generations of Lawyers. This is no doubt the man we want to have influence on a new generation of Legal thought.

My thanks to Congressman Conyers for having it on the record that former legal counsels to the President are utterly incapable of answering such a damned simple question.

I would love if somebody had a counter of how many current and past members of the White House’s Legal Team have answered the question they were asked while testifying in the House or Senate. I am going for ten to fifteen percent. I’m not sure what act I prefer less, Gonzales’ alzheimer or Yoo’s contemptuous asshole.

Of course, no doubt the media will be all over this. As they always do.