In light of the recent Cali Supreme Court Ruling.

While reading these most certainly awesometastic news, I once again kept reading this expression that continues to annoy me. Gay Marriage. You know, as in California Court Affirms Right to Gay Marriage (NYT).

There’s no such thing as a Gay Marriage, unless of course you’re going with the other meaning of the word gay. There is the right for Gay people to marry. Saying Gay Marriage makes as much sense as saying Athlete Marriage. Yes, the people getting married happen to be Gay, but they are participating of the exact same ceremony/legal contract/however you want to see marriage.

I know, this is nitpicking on the wording of the reporting of a rather nice development that hopefully is not the only of its kind in the near future. It just really annoys me. And what are the intertubes for if not for whining, I ask.

In short, why couldn’t they just say “California Court Affirms the Right of Gays to Marry”? It’s ok New York Times, I’ll gladly accept your apology in the form of a pint of Americone Dream B&J’s Ice Cream. Just don’t delay.


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  1. […] I realize I used the very same poor wording I have complained about in the past. This is clearly William Ayers’ fault. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Joe […]

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